Guiding questions

  1. Where do we see the ideological influence of certain institutions in various media?
  2. How do a few media institutions manage public opinion?
  3. How can one media institution, such as Twitter, change the rules for other media institutions, such as the New York Times?

As a class discuss the following questions

1. Can one medium kill another? Will the internet mean the end of newspapers, books and radio as we know them?

2. Is the internet dumbing us down and making us lazier? or is it empowering the masses by giving access to more information?

3. Is the internet a trustworthy source of information? is it as reliable as print?

4. What is the Internet doing to copyright laws? Is it eroding a cultural norm or is it encouraging us to redefine our economies in a positive way?

5. Are we using the internet, or is Internet using us?


KEY TERMS:                            BIAS

Television producers, journalists and columnists have the ability to “manufacture consent”. This term, coined by the political scientist sand linguist Noam Chomsky, is used to refer to the media´s ability to create the impression that everyone agrees with a particular ideological position. The concept of manufactured consent can be understood in the context of the war of Iraq, which started in the early 2003.  Critics, as such as Robert Greenwald, have argued that some American news networks actively helped shape opinion of Iraq in the USA in the build-up to the war. In Greenwald´s documentary, Outfoxed, he claims that in late 2002 and early 2003 viewers of one particular network, Fox News, had a different view of the world from viewers of others American news networks. For example, 67% of Fox viewers felt like there was a link between Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, compared to only 16% of people who watched and listened to the Public Broadcasting Station (PBS) and National Public Radio (NPR). HOW DO WE ACCOUNT FOR THIS DIFFERENCE OF OPINION BETWEEN THE CONSUMERS OF THESE DIFFERENT MEDIA?  The figures suggest BIAS on the part of the Fox News network.


Can you think of another example?




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