CH 2 Red room

CH 4 Defying Mrs Reed

CH 7 Lowood punishment

CH 9 Helen dies

CH 12 Rochester´s first appearance

CH 13+14 Jane and Rochester´s conversations

CH 15 Jane saves Rochester from fire

CH 20 Mr Mason gets attacked

CH 23 Rochester´s 1st proposal

CH 25 Dreaming of babies

CH 26 The wedding Day

CH 27 Janes fleesThornfield

CH 28 Janes gets taken in by the Rivers

CH 34 St John´s 1st proposal

CH 35 St John´s 2nd proposal

CH 37 Rochester´s 2nd proposal

CH 38 End of the novel

MONDAY 25th of August


Analytical skills (connotation level – interpretation – diction)

Technical vocabulary (embody, depict, symbolise, portray, tone, mood, convey)

Narrative techniques (point of view, tense, speech, narration)

Characterisation – Character description (dialogues, actions and thoughts)

TEST RUBRIC:  Written Commentary-Rubric


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