TRIP TO EUROPE – Journal entry


  • To demonstrate understanding of the importance of the places visited during the trip.
  • To express ideas with coherence based on meaningful experiences.
  • To reflect on relevant cultural aspects.


The following are the two activities for English that you have to do during your trip to Europe:


 You will have to do a timeline based on the 7 most important events of your trip. This timeline must contain photographs, so it is very important that during the trip you take a camera to the places you visit and the events you attend.

When taking pictures take the following into account:

  • Location
  • Position of objects
  • Ages
  • Outfit
  • Actions done
  • Emotions

Once you are back from Europe, you have to work on a draft and then use the EWT application (Read. Write, Think) in Ipads to create the final version of your timeline. After this, you have to share the link to your timeline in your blog.


Journal entry

Choose your favourite day and then in your blog write a text in which you describe that day. Make sure you include the following information:

  •  Date
  • Time when the day started
  • Places visited
  • Activities done
  • Impressions about the place
  • Differences and similiarities with your own country
  • Comments about cultural aspects of the people and places you visited
  • Your classmate´s behaviour and yours

Word limit

Language A: 600 – 700

Language B SL: 250 – 300

Language B HL: 300 – 450



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