Oral Presentations: POEM ANALYSIS

key aspects to consider in your oral analysis:

  1. You should demonstrate understanding of the thoughts and feelings expressed in the poem and how these are developed throughout the poem. What poetic devices serve this purpose?    Provide your analysis with enough evidence.
  2. Explain the second level of meaning of some of the words (connotations) that enhance the poem.
  3. Paraphrase the poem, that is, tell the poem in your own words.
  4. Explain the title and state to what extent it gives you clues to understand the poem.
  5. Explain if the rhyme pattern, rhythms, form and meter (line length, number of syllables, number of stanzas, etc) help develop the theme or not. If so, how?
  6. The language of your commentary must be clear, varied, precise and concise. You must keep your analysis formal and technical using words such as embody, depict, symbolise, portray, convey, tone, mood and theme.
  7. You can use a visual aid ( Ppt, Prezi) to support your presentation.

Felipe Parada – Lilian   (Monday)

Nicolás Whittle – Fatima   (Monday)

Martín Fernández – The burial of love   (Monday)

Alonso Jander – Duet   (Friday)

Nikos MacMillan – All things will die    (Friday)

Raimundo Bengoa – Come down O – maid     (Come down – O Maid)

Joaquín Alarcón – and I ask ye why these sad tears stream   (Tuesday)

Andrew Barroilhet – Blackbird   (Tuesday)

Agustín Letelier – By an evolutionist       (Friday)

Francisco Abusleme – Ring out Wild bells   (Friday)

Jeremy Ryan – Blow Bugle Blow       (Monday)

Check the assessment criteria below:



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