To Kill a Mockingbird REVIEW

We are about to finish the first part of the book just before the story shifts…
Here is a summary review of what we have read so far and of what we will be reading soon …

Scout and Jem first meet Dill and tell legends about Boo Radley

Arthur (Boo) Radley has never stopped watching the children, and he has foreseen the danger from Bob Ewell, which Atticus has not taken seriously.
Imagine that Arthur keeps a diary, in which he writes about what he has seen and how he makes sure hat the children are safe. We do not know what style Arthur would use, so you must choose one you think appropriate to what we know of him. Write 1 entry for such a diary, to cover the main events of the first chapters of the novel. (minimum: 300 words ). Upload this to your blog.

What is Literature?
Literature is “a highly developed use of language in that is the stylized manipulation of language for larger effect (purpose) and/or affect (emotional response)” (L&L Course Companion p.9)

What are CONTEXTS?
Context can be defined simply as the circumstances that surround a given text and help to specify its meaning.
Context is best expressed as CONTEXTS (plural) because of the wide variety of external forces that affect the general reception or understanding of a work.

CONTEXT OF PRODUCTION: Critical positions, historical facts, biographical aspects of the author’s life.

CONTEXT OF RECEPTION: Once you approach a work as a reader, the meaning that is communicated, that is sent from the text to you, is influenced by everything that you bring to it, from your reading to your personal experiences and biases.

General Questions about Context

The work of literature you will be analysing and discovering is Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird”. Do an online research this week and find out the following information (Post it in your BLOG)

What is the cultural and educational background of the author?
What are the values and aesthetic concerns of the culture of the author (literature movement, cultural movement, society of that time, etc)?
What important social, political or economic issues took place in the author’s times.

Harper Lee and the killing of a mockingbird

Many context elements inspired Harper lee to write her novel.

The Great Economic Depression, Jim Crow Laws,
and the moral and social conventions of the time are reflected in the chapters and characters of
“To Kill a Mockingbird”.

As part of the study of context, we will consider the following points as context of PRODUCTION in “To Kill a Mockingbird”

Harper Lee’s life and times
The Deep South
The Economic Depression
Jim Crow Laws (segregation)
Social Classes and Discrimination
Martin Luther King’s figure


Have a look at the following video. What effect does it cause on you?

The 1930’s


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