The social Network Film

Analysis and discussion

Did he break any laws?

He intentionally breached security, violated copyrights, violated indivisual privacy by creating by taking the pictures off the profiles of random Harvard students from their blog site.
Charged with violation of the university policy, on distribution of digitalized images.
Crashed the Harvard Network for his own website,

Were there any bad choices made between right and wrong?

He made a promise to the Winklevoss twins to join them into improving the Harvard website but broke the promise and made his own social networking site.
He wrote inappropriate false information about his ex girlfriend, Erica Albright for the public to read.

Global Issues

Explicit or implied sexism, homophobia, cultural/racial bias?

Ranking the girls on was a very offensive and innapropriate for women of Harvard. No guys were rated, it was only girls.
At first, the website was only made for Harvard students, then Stanford students, then Cambridge, and other university students that left out other students who couldn’t make it to Harvard/Standford/Cambridge or the top universities in the world.
When people were getting “interviewed” to get hired for Facebook (drinking a shot every five minuties with a group of other computer programers competing for the job while making codes) there were no female workers or female computer programers who were competing for the job.


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