Objective: to create music based on poetry by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Grouping: 3 bands



1. Read the poems, choose one of them to start creating music.

2. To create or compose the lyrics of the song you can:

A. Use the poem entirely

B. Paraphrase the poem

C. Create new lyrics based on the poem

3. Choose the instruments, players and singers.

4. Create the music to accompany the lyrics. For this, you have the following options:

A. Compose music of your own.

B. Use music from another song and replace the lyrics.

5. Rehearse / Practise the song with your group.


July: 30th /31st: Introduce poetry

August: 4th / 6th / 7th: Blog tasks (Poem analysis)

August: 11th/ 13th/14th: Oral presentations

August: 18th/ 20TH / 21st: Music Project (Have the lyrics done)

August: 25th / 27th/ 28th: Music Project Deadline (Club House)

Add assessment rubric


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