Today you will work on the preparation of your oral analysis. You will have the whole period of class to start and finish arranging your ideas in a power point or prezi so that you are ready to present next class (Thursday 20).

Use the same format that you followed for the written analysis. Add images, visuals or extract from the same poem to enhance your presentation. Highlight ideas, poetic devices and verses. Make you presentation unique!

Remember that you have to speak for about 10 – 12 minutes. You can work in pairs only if you share the same poem.

The order of presentations is as it follows:

  1. Martín Ljubetic
  2. Juan Pablo Ferreira
  3. Sebastián Bustos
  4. Pablo Murrillo
  5. Sebastián Salazar
  6. Agustín Salazar
  7. Joaquín Ruiz
  8. Ignacio Ruiz
  9. Carlos Jiménez
  10. Rodrigo Yañez
  11. Patricio Strube
  12. Tomás Santelices
  13. Martín Whittle
  14. Ángelo Menchise

If there are not enough computers, take turns using them. Make sure everybody uses computers. You can also request I-Pads in the English Lab.

PS: I can´t make today since I am in a meeting with the Headmaster. Marcelo Peña will help me monitor your work. Behave properly as usual.  Remember that in the library you should keep your voice volume low.

Have a great day.

Christian Vergara P.

English Teacher


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