Oral practice: TKaM chapters 1 – 8

To kill a Mockingbird chapters 1 – 8

Answer the following questions in your copybook:

  1. How does Harper Lee create suspense in the first charpters of the novel?
  1. How is Atticus Finch portrayed in the story? What are the values that make him a great character?

In your answer use PEE (point evidence and explanation) structure. Use relevant quotes.

Next class you will record an oral analysis of the first part of the book. These answers will help you formulate a consistent analysis.



Using EDUCREATIONS or ADOBE VOICE record an oral analysis. Make sure you use words such as:

Alludes to,  Attests,  Clarifies,  Confirms,  Conveys,  Denotes,  Depicts, Determines,  Displays, Emphasizes,  Entails,  Establishes , Exemplifies,  Explains,  Exposes, Expounds,  Highlights,  Hints,  Illustrates,  Implies,  Connotes,  Indicates,  Portrays,  Represents,  Reveals,  Shows,  Signifies,  Suggests,  Typifies.


Hecho con Padlet

“>POST YOUR ORAL RECORDING HERE (This is a padlet where you can easily post the link to your recording by double clicking on the wall, be sure you put your name above the link).